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To provide our members and clients with the highest quality health club in the Clearwater area.

To offer superior member services, always remembering that each customer may be a tremendous source of referral business to our company.

Who We Are

We’re a family owned and operated health club, with intentions of providing the best equipment, the best service, and the most sanitary facility possible. We have years of experience running health clubs and established this club with much thought on what the people want and need.

We are not a big corporate chain, therefore we do our own billing in house (no third party billing companies) so you can feel more comfortable about who’s dealing with your monthly payment.

We control our own pricing. So our rates, for all that you are getting, can’t be beat!

You can feel comfortable coming in to take a tour of the club. We are not those pushy, “you have to join today” kind of people. We know you’ll join, the club sells itself!

Stop by today to check out the club as well as our very affordable rates!

We give everybody that joins one (1) free personal training consultation, so you can reach those goals you are looking for.

We are not the “Ken and Barbie” gym. Our members actually come here to work out.

Review our Testimonials and see what some of our members have to say about Around The Clock Fitness.

Call us for questions or to schedule a tour!
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